I had originally gone there with my friend to get her tattoo and talk about the one I wanted to get. While there, I talked to their Piercer, Craig about a tragus piercing I had been wanting for a long time but couldn’t because of the size of the jewlery. Not only do they have a variety of sizes for studs and bars, but the designs they sell are so unique and really well priced. The piercing itself wasn’t at all as expensive as expected and he made he made it less painful than anticapated as well. He even pierced with a larger needle so the stud would slide in easily causing less discomfort to me. That concept is totally new to me. And he kept up conversation so I felt really comfortable. Everyone there is so friendly and inviting. You feel like you’re haning out with friends rather than people you are paying. They also treat you with respect and talk with you honestly, which is a rarity. They charge by the work and not by the hour. You get your moneys worth and don’t have regret afterward. I got my piercing a few weeks ago and alredy it’s healed. I can’t wait to go back and get my other tragus and possibly a dermal….at least after my son gets a little older. I plan on getting my tattoos there as well, and I can’t wait for that! Dr. Sin has ended my search for a tattoo and piercing shop that not only I trust to permanently mark my skin, but a place I want to return to and definately recommend to my friends and their friends. ~ TedraP