1. He has an awesome website.

If you’re considering getting a piercing beyond the traditional ears or belly, his site lists all of the options available. Very educational and informative.

2. He made me feel comfortable.
My visit with him, and his intern/apprentice, was really pleasant. To me, it’s important to feel comfy with whoever is sticking a needle in you.

3. Great communicator.
Initially, I contacted Craig via his website to schedule an appointment. Within the next two hours, he called me to discuss my appointment and confirm our time. He also provided parking tips and shared his pricing and cash only policy.

4. Not pushy/very patient.
At my appointment I was still a little uncertain about my decision. Craig patiently answered all questions, and even advised on additional questions. (I was already planning my next piercing.) He didn’t rush our appointment–noted and appreciated.

Clean, sterile environment. Piercing devices/needles were packaged and opened for use.

He’s the man. I’d return.